Prescribing Information

DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus are available at retail pharmacies, online and specialty pharmacies across the country. If you do not find DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus on the shelf at your local pharmacy, your Pharmacist can order DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus from their pharmaceutical wholesaler. Please provide the following National Drug Codes to your pharmacist.

DocuSol® NDC#:
DocuSol® Plus NDC#:

Medicaid Coverage

Maryland Medicaid Delaware Medicaid New Jersey Medicaid Connecticut Medicaid Rhode Island Medicaid New Hamshire Medicaid Vermont Medicaid Maine Medicaid New York Medicaid Pennsylvania Medicaid Ohio Medicaid West Virgina Medicaid North Carolina Medicaid South Carolina Medicaid Virgina Medicaid Florida Medicaid Georgia Medicaid Alabama Medicaid Mississippi Medicaid Tennessee Medicaid Kentucky Medicaid Indiana Medicaid Michigan Medicaid Illinois Medicaid Wisconsin Medicaid Minnesota Medicaid Iowa Medicaid Missouri Medicaid Arkansas Medicaid Louisana Medicaid Oklahoma Medicaid Kansas Medicaid Nebraska Medicaid North Dakota Medicaid Washington Medicaid Montana Medicaid Oregon Medicaid Idaho Medicaid Wyoming Medicaid Colorado Medicaid New Mexico Medicaid Texas Medicaid Alaska Medicaid Hawaii Medicaid Arizona Medicaid Utah Medicaid Nevada Medicaid California Medicaid

Veterans Coverage

DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus are available on the Federal Supply Schedule to all Veterans. Request DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus by name. DocuSol® and DocuSol® Plus are effective for bowel care needs associated with spinal cord injury and disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spina bifida, stroke and constipation. The Docusate Sodium mini-enema is successfully used in hundreds of top VA, Model System and CARF accredited rehabilitation facilities across the country.

Please phone the Alliance Labs customer service with any questions about Veterans coverage.
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